Hello all Nuts and Bolts Graduates, Member Schools, and the participating NaBLink Salon and Spa Community. We're excited to announce that NaBLink.com has been replaced with a brand new platform at BeautyMob.com.

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NaBLink: The Revolution Has Begun

Responding to a pressing demand by salon and spa owners and operators for beauty school graduates trained in applied business skills, Nuts and Bolts Training Company created a program called CareerLink in 2012. In 2013, the name was changed to NaBLink to reflect the consolidation of brand names under the “NaB” (short for Nuts and Bolts) trademark family. That family now includes NaBTraining, NaBLive, NaBLounge and NaBLink.

Every year, thousands of beauty school graduates trained in the Nuts and Bolts applied business development program learn critical customer service skills, including effective consultation practices, client prescription techniques and a host of other communication-centric retailing skills to improve customer loyalty and increase service and retail revenue.

Nuts and Bolts trained graduates also receive extensive training in the business basics of how successful salons and spas operate. This training includes topics such as how to review and use daily service/product sales reports, how to improve the bottom line in a salon or spa (and the employee’s personal bottom line) by identifying and introducing incremental gains in key performance metrics, how to keep an eye on and improve critical numbers such as customer acquisition and retention and a variety of other strategies and principles designed to increase service/retail sales and improve team performance.

In short, Nuts and Bolts learn to think and act like salon and spa professionals before they ever leave school, and the Nuts and Bolts program has increased product and service revenues on school salon floors dramatically as a result. For salon and spa employers, Nuts and Bolts graduates are highly valued because they can “hit the ground running” and require less training and up-front investment to produce results.

NaBLink’s service mark, “Linking the best graduates with the best jobs,” is thus true to its name. And that is why NaBLink has grown quickly to include some of the industry’s leading employers such as Regis, JCP Salons, SportClips, DryBar, Hair Cuttery and many others.

As a specialized career placement tool for the beauty industry, NaBLink is now a full-fledged online career management application connecting salon and spa owners and HR professionals to Nuts and Bolts trained beauty school graduates.

And, oh yes, we almost forgot: NaBLink is FREE for both salon and spa employers and Nuts and Bolts graduates.